Message from us :

As a young expanding railway company, we aspire to make Thalys a company that is even more European, efficient, reliable and fast. A project like this requires strong values such as high expectations, respect, openness and innovation.
Our teams work daily to offer all of our clients a pleasant and easy journey, from booking to after-service support. Just as with IZY, on board Thalys we do all we can to understand our passengers and their diversity.
We are looking for individuals who are talented, inquisitive and dynamic, in line with the Thalys brand.
Come aboard!

Bertrand Gosselin, CEO

Our history

Thalys is the fruit of a strong vision of Europe and great ambition to revolutionise trade with fast, easy and direct international rail links. By doing this we are creating a more efficient transport network that is more environmentally-friendly by offering a better alternative to air travel. And all with the best railway technology.
The company was founded in 1995 thanks to collaboration between railway companies from France (SNCF), Belgium (SNCB), Germany (DB) and the Netherlands (NS).
A few months later in June 1996 the first red train took to the rails with the first passengers on board.
In March 2015 Thalys became a fully-fledged railway company, marking a key stage in the company’s history.
Today Thalys helps more than 7 million people travel throughout Europe, covering 4 countries at high speed including France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, and can travel to Paris from Brussels in 1 hour 22, from Cologne in 3 hours 14 and from Amsterdam in 3 hours 15.
Passengers’ needs are at the core of Thalys’ business, and this is reflected in our motto “Welcome to our world”.
Behind the Thalys product there are almost 600 direct collaborators offering a Europe-wide service that is sustainable, fast, efficient, easy and pleasant.
Thalys also offers a young, dynamic and multilingual working environment that applies the principles of new ways of working, embodying cultures like a clear desk policy and height-adjustable desks.

Why our clients are satisfied

Our customers like our red train because it is a fast, sustainable and very comfortable form of transport which takes them right to the centre of cities. An international train offering prices for all types of travellers and puts customers first before, during and after their journey. Its staff always listen to their customers and are multilingual, attentive and welcoming. Welcome to our world!

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